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Looking for a few good books on circuit simulation and analog circuit design? The following references will get you started or advance your understanding if you are already an experienced designer.

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Design of Analog CMOS Integrated CircuitsThis is an excellent introductory text on CMOS circuit design. Highly recommended as a text for beginners or as a reference for experienced analog circuit designers. If you are only going to buy one analog circuit design book, this should probably be the one.
Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated CircuitsThis is a classic analog design text. Previous versions were heavily focused on bipolar devices. The emphasis has shifted toward CMOS in later editions, but still retains much of the older material.
Phase is shown in radians by default, so the expression here converts to degrees.
Analog Integrated Circuit DesignThis is a good text book on general analog circuit design and is a great companion to Razavi's Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits.
CMOS Mixed-Signal Circuit DesignThis book assumes an understanding of general analog design and moves forward to discuss data converter, filter, and a few advanced analog design techniques. This is a great practical reference for anyone doing data converter design.

More book reviews will be added soon!

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