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The following example circuits can help you get started simulating with SPICE. Click on the circuits in the first column to simulate the circuit with NGspice.com. Click on the third column to view the schematic.

RC filter TransientStart here for a very basic circuit. Signals in the "Plots" text box will be displayed after simulation. Multiple signals on the same line will be shown on the same plot.Schematic
RC filter AC responseAC simulation showing gain and phase of a simple RC filter. Puts signals on multiple lines in the "Plots" text box to create multiple plots.
Phase is shown in radians by default, so the expression here converts to degrees.
RC filter AC and TransientBoth simulation above in a single netlist. Note the format for plotting the signals. When running multiple types of simulations, prefix the output signals with the appropriate type of analysis.
CMOS inverter TransientSimple example with transistors and minimal device model.Schematic
CMOS inverter Transient with extra plotsSame as above, but with plotting code that shows how to adjust the X and Y limits of the plot and set the grid line spacing.Schematic
CMOS Ring Oscillator Transient5 stage ring oscillator simulation. Shows the use of a simple subcircuit.
Pole-Zero analysis (.PZ)Simple example showing how to use Pole-Zero (.pz) analysis. Determines the pole in a simple RC filter.Schematic
Pole-Zero analysis (.PZ) #2Example showing how to use Pole-Zero (.pz) analysis. Determines the pole/zero/pole in a passive RC filter typically used in PLLs.
.OP analysis example with a resistor dividerDC analysis example with a resistor ladder. Simulation shows the DC values at each node using .OP analysis.

More examples will be added soon!

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