SPICE Online


How does this site work?

Enter a SPICE netlist in the main textbox. Choose nodes to plot in the second textbox. When you press the submit button, the netlist will be simulated and the results will be plotted. The terminal output file is also available. The examples page is a good place to get started.

What version of SPICE is used for the simulations?

Ngspice release 26.

How can I share circuits that I've created at ngspice.com?

Generate the netlist and the plot command, then press the "Share Circuit" button. This will create a link that you may share or embed in your own webpages. For example, you can easily create a web page with a set of SPICE examples that link to ready to run circuits at ngspice.com.

NOTE: A shared circuit is considered to be publicly accessible. Do not share circuits that contain proprietary information. Shared circuits that have not been accessed within an extended period of time may be removed.

Is this site affiliated with the ngspice project?

No. This site uses ngspice as a simulation engine, but we are not directly affiliated with the ngspice project.

Are there restrictions on the simulations that can be run?

Simulations that take too long to complete or that take too much memory or disk space will be aborted. Please contact us if you are unable to simulate your circuit due to these limitations.

Why SPICE Online?

The goal of this site is to make SPICE simulation more widely available. With this site, you can run simulations with an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or any of the Android powered phones or tablets that are available. A web based SPICE tool also allows you to run simulations without the hassle of installing software (which sometimes requires compiling the software from source code). In cases where a public computer is used, such as a library or a school computer lab, a web based tool may be the only option for running SPICE.

Are you going to add a schematic capture interface?
We've done some preliminary work on this, but the schematic capture interface won't be available anytime soon.

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